RM714 Casein Peptone (HiCase Peptone) (Casitose)
enzymic digest of casein.
RM4902 Casein Soya HM Peptone (Casitose Soya Meat Peptone)
a mixture of casein, soya and meat peptones that provides broad spectrum of peptides and amino acids that supports better microbiological growth characteristics.
RM3875 Casein Yeast Peptone (Hi Case Yeast peptone) (Casitose Yeast peptone)
a mixture of casein and yeast peptones employed in media used for cultivation of wide variety microorganisms.
RM9185 Papaic Digest of M- Protein (Papaic Digest of Casein)
it is rich in proteases, peptides and free aminoacids. Recommended for bulk production of antibiotics, enzymes and biomolecule production.

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